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A banner is an effective instrument of internet advertising. The banner is a middle thing between the commercials and magazine advertising. Usage of animation and audience targeting gives you more opportunities to find the right customers than magazine and newspaper advertising. You can place banners on social media, forums and popular websites.

If you’re an owner of a popular website, with the help of banner advertising you can promote inner sections of your website and other topics.

Banner quality affects the desire of potential clients to click the advertising and pay attention to your product.

We offer design and animation of banners for different places and advertising campaigns. We can create gif-animated banners, HTML5-animated banners, video banners. You can use animated banners in Google context advertising, social media, and other market places.

Banner screenplay sample

We can divide the banner design into several stages:

1. Idea generation or creation of the banner screenplay

At this stage we describe graphic elements, write the banner text message and describe the ways of banner animation. Also, we pay attention to the banner technical characteristics, size and storage space limit.

2. Banner design

At this stage, we create a static banner design. We show the clients separate static pictures showing the main scenes of the banner.

3. Banner animation

On the final stage, we create the animation of the banner based on the designed scenes in the previous stage.

We strongly encourage you to check our art design portfolio section by clicking here.

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