Content management system installation and programming

In the beginning, all the websites in the Interment were static. The websites were a set of HTML-pages.

The key disadvantages of static websites are:

You can find static websites even today. These are small websites (5-10 pages), landings pages or presentational websites.

The development of technology caused the appearance of dynamic websites. The main difference between static and dynamic website is a content management system (CMS). Creating your website with CMS opens a lot of additional opportunities.

Besides some types of websites, you even cannot do static, cause you need to upload a lot of information for example for an online store, media website or forum. 

The main principle of the website which is based on the content management system (CMS) is that every website page is generated by a management file and based on the data that is stored in the database. The management file keeps all the design elements. Text information and website structure art stored in the database. Hereby the process of website updating is surely simplified cause all the pages are built dynamically.

Flexible Multilanguage content management system built by our specialists will allow you to manage any of your websites quickly and efficiently. You can manage both simple websites and complicated online stores. You will upload, update and change your website easily if you’re only an MS Word user.

Implementation of our CMS allows developing multifunctional websites, which features can be extended according to your requirements. We can install and program a lot of additional modules (catalog of products with filters, photo gallery, blog, basket, on-line payments, contact form, register form, quiz, etc.)

Basic CMS allows the website administrator to change the logical structure of the website (website menu), text content, update files, and images.

The website built on our CMS meets all the search engine optimization requirements (SEO). Hereby website is ready for qualitative and efficient promotion in search engines, which will give you undeniable advantages over competitive products and services.

To improve the indexing of the site by search engines it is possible to set the meta tags manually.

Content management sytem screenshot

We use the latest popular technologies depending on the task we face.

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