Logo and corporate identity design

We design logos and corporate identities for more than 15 years. We create beautiful recognizable logos for brands, startups, production companies, products, events, etc.

We divide the whole process of logo and corporate identity design into several stages.

1. Discussion

The logo design starts with a discussion of your business. We discuss the general mission of the company, it’s future clients, strategic vision of the business. On that stage, we discuss the color and style of the future logo.

2. Concept design

We design 5 different versions of the logo at the beginning. All the 5 logos can be designed in one or different styles if the client wants so.

3. Main logo design

After the concept is agreed we design 2-3 versions of the general logo. We can design more if the client wants to see more.

4. Completion of the logo

When the general version of the logo is chosen and agreed it's necessary to create additional appearances for different usage. These appearances are the full-colored version of the logo, simplified-colored version (2-3 colors), monochromatic or black and white version, version for dark backgrounds. After the whole logo design work is done we move to corporate identity design.

5. Corporate identity design – basic package

Most businesses do not need to use a lot of corporate items in the first stage of their activity. The basic package, every new business surely might need, consists of a logo, business card, blank, envelope, and folder. At the beginning of the corporate identity design, we take one basic item, business card for example, and design 2-3 versions. After the main concept is completed and agreed, we design other items based on the basic chosen variant.

6. Corporate identity design – extended package.

If the business is more global it surely might need more corporate items. The extended package can include basic package (business card, blank, envelope, and folder) plus we can design next items: envelopes of different sizes, presentation template, advertising layout templates, indoor and outdoor signboards, indoor navigation, packaging, staff clothing, cups, pens, umbrellas, etc.

7. Brand book or corporate guidelines

After the design of all items is completed we start to work on the corporate guidelines (brand book). The corporate guidelines contain the rules of corporate identity usage, recommendations for layout design. It includes not only a description part but the design of all created items to facilitate the work of subcontractors on corporate products in the future.

8. Final stage

After the whole work is done we give to the client logos, designed items and corporate identity guidelines (brand book) in different formats.

We strongly encourage you to check our logo design portfolio section by clicking here.

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